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Upper East Side Locksmith now have a vast array of both small and large clients, for which we repair and regularly service.

These include:

CVS Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy





Doors Repair and Locks in Upper East Side Manhattan NY


A door repair can be carried out quickly and promptly, hassle free by our specialist.

  • Door handle and hinges

  • Cylinder lock and letterbox

  • Locking mechanism repair

  • Aluminium, wood and uPVC

  • Double glazing door repair

Getting your door repaired couldn't be easier and quicker. We offer a full range of repair services on doors, door frames and locks all within 30 minutes of your call.

If you have been a victim of burglary, we understand that it can be a frustating time so that's why we at Upper East Side Locksmith offer a solution to people in distress and we will safetly and promptly deal with your issue.

All our services are available 24/7 and our team at Upper East Side Locksmith will be happy to take your call at any time to ensure you get a fast response at a cost effective service.

door repair by our specialist

We are your local emergency door repair company.Tell us the problem and we will be happy to provide free advice.

If it cannot be immediately repaired, we can temporarily secure your premises.

Locksmith Upper East Side - Door Repair

Upper East Side Locksmith - Door Repairs
We provide an identical service for doors and all automatic closing mechanisms. Anything from repairing door handles, locks and hinges, to replacing and securing.

Upper East Side Locksmith - Double Glazing Units
We can repair any type of double glazing equipment that you may have. Should the need arise, we will also replace them.

Upper East Side Locksmith - Fire Exit Equipment
Health & Safety is very important in today's workplace. We can ensure that your workplace meets the necessary regulations, by providing the necessary fire exit equipment.

Upper East Side Locksmith - Security - Locks, Grills & Shutters
Security is key to any access point in a building, be it a door or window. Upper East Side Locksmith keep a variety of locks, panic bars, pushpads, electronic releases. Everything from a high multi-secure lock to a bathroom door lock. We also provide grills and shutters for any type of door or window, with any other security system you require.

Upper East Side Locksmith - Building & Conservatory Work
As well as being experts in door repairs, Upper East Side Locksmith also pride ourselves on the general building service we provide. Our specialist builders can provide any type of maintenance work necessary to your building.

Upper East Side Locksmith - - Locks, Handle, Hinges Repair & Replacement
Window hinges frequently break on windows and these can be replaced quickly by our fitters. Hinges must be replaced to ensure smooth operation of the window vent. We carry a large range of handles and hinges for windows and doors. Repairing rather than replacing the window or door can save your money without any compromise in quality and security.